Value propositions that cut through diversity fatigue

Value propositions that cut through diversity fatigue

2021 saw a positive global shift in equity and inclusion with nearly every CEO and board working to address the pipeline for leadership roles. It’s a positive development with only one major challenge: women are incredibly diversity fatigued.

Why a fatigue?

I could offer my anecdotes as a financial services C-Suite recruitment specialist but a quick google provides an added demonstration on ‘why the diversity fatigue’. This is not a new topic of conversation. 

Creating value propositions that cut through the lip service noise.

Any organisation serious about attracting or retaining top female talent are working on systematic and cultural barriers. They have clearly defined strategies to do this and procedures for measurement, because ‘awareness education is just not enough

What women want is not so different to a decade ago:

However now women want to see it in action: 

Did you see Sam Mostyn – President of Chief Executive Women’s address to the National Press Club this year? She summarised the needs of women workers perfectly.

Being a woman leader is quite different from being a male one.  Of course, there are far fewer of us – and our paths tend to be different. As women, we encounter obstacles and challenges that are often invisible to men. Although we work in the same landscape as men, our experiences in those landscapes are not the same. That is the case for women everywhere – in politics, in business, in sport, in the arts, in journalism, in academia, in the trades, in public service.  And the truth is, we don’t seek to be the same as men. We just want the same opportunities and outcomes across our lives.

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